Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Please sign and share: Save the Swedish wolf population

Save the Swedish wolf population

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Susi, the female wolf whose genetics is very important for the Swedish wolf population, is once again threatened by death. Her life has been threatened several times before, but we´ve somehow managed to save her, every time! Let´s do it again!

The administrative court decided that there will be no hunt on Susi. Now the Sami has appealed against that decision and Susi is once again in danger.

Help us save Susi and the Swedish wolf population by signing this petition. Share it to your friends as well! 
We want you to assure the Swedish people that Susi (the wolf from Junsele) will not be killed. She is very important for the Swedish wolf population, as you well know. You have protected her so far, and there you must continue. We do not accept that the Sami have control over such an important wolfs life, or any wolfs life for that matter. The Sami people live in the wild and should then accept all the animals that are there, if they really care about their reindeers they should protect them better with electric fences and or llamas.