Friday, November 20, 2015

Special Post: #Wolf Art by Dan Burgess

Recently, several of my wolf advocate friends have renewed and invigorated my interest in art as a means of reflecting my values, as they pertain to wildlife. Thanks specifically go to my friends @Adelheid16, @mountain_womyn, @NickysFriend, @PautzM, and @WolvesDouglasCo, and with them in mind, I intend to focus on one artist in particular, Dan Burgess.

This particular concept artist/illustrator manages to use his art to challenge current thinking, which is a key element in all good art. Without that challenge, we would not be able to discover new facets and concepts in the world around us and to redefine our roles in an ever evolving biosphere. Another aspect about Burgess' art is that just when you think you understand it, leave it, return to it a few days or weeks later, and you see something else.

Below are his wolf art sketches that will introduce you to this multi-talented artist. I think you'll agree that Burgess has a finger on the pulse of the spirit of the wolf. I hope that this page will be the starting point for a complete investigation of his exceptional work.


must… Start… Tumbling… 


The Mountain Wolf

The Wolf King

Walking Tall

The Usurper

The Long Pursuit

Dan's Tumbler Link

Dan's Website Link