Thursday, November 12, 2015

Socorro County goes against endangered species act with wolf ordinance

Area ranchers say Mexican gray wolves cost them money
Nov 11, 2015
SOCORRO COUNTY, N.M. —The federal government wants to beef up the population of Mexican gray wolves in the Land of Enchantment to help the species thrive.

But all five Socorro County commissioners voted in favor of an ordinance to keep wolves from roaming free in the county this week, much to the delight of some residents.

It's a hot topic stirring controversy throughout the county, with area ranchers saying the wolves are costing them money. Many say it’s a safety issue, with the animals killing their cattle.

The ordinance puts law enforcement in a tough spot, as it conflicts with the Endangered Species Act. The sheriff would be breaking federal law by enforcing the provision and breaking county law if he doesn’t.

For now, the ordinance stands.