Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Protect Oregon's Wolves (New Petition) (TY @proudvegan)

Photo of wolf OR-17 Courtesy ODFWOnce upon a time...we eliminated wolves and other wildlife from the Oregon landscape. Thanks to decades of hard work of conservationists around the country, wolves are beginning to retake their rightful place.

Over the last few years, Oregon has been an example for the rest of the country. The state has focused on transparency, non-lethal conflict prevention, and conservation. As a result, Oregon's wolf population has grown while conflict has decreased.

Most Americans value native wildlife. However for a vocal minority fueled by misinformation and fear, old prejudice dies hard. Though the entire state is home to only 77 known wolves, efforts are underway at the state, local, and federal level to strip wolves of the most basic protections.

Sign and share the petition below to add your voice for maintaining protections for wolves in Oregon. We're on the right path, but it's too soon to declare "Mission Accomplished" and turn back the clock.