Thursday, October 15, 2015

Investigation into deaths of 2 OR wolves suspended

Published: Oct 14, 2015
Investigation into deaths of 2 Oregon wolves suspended
OR21, a yearling in the Wenaha pack, after being radio-collared June 3, 2013 in northern Wallowa County. Photo courtesy of ODFW.
WALLOWA, Ore. - The investigation into the deaths of two Oregon wolves in northeastern Oregon has been suspended, Oregon State Police said.

The wolves, known as the Sled Springs Pair, were found dead the week of August 24, Oregon State Police said.

Veterinarians performed a necropsy but could not determine a cause of death, police said.

As a result, state police said investigators do not know whether the wolves died as a result of human activity or another cause.

One of the wolves, OR21, was wearing a tracking collar.

State police and wildlife officials tracked a mortality signal from the collar and found OR21 dead. A second wolf was found dead 50 yards away.

OR21 and a male she had been with in the area were known as the Sled Springs Pair and were newly established in the area. ODFW created the Sled Springs Pair Area of Known Wolf Activity in January 2015.

State police asked that anyone with additional information about the deaths contact Senior Trooper Kreg Coggins at (541) 426-3049 or call the Turn-In-Poachers Hotline at 1-800-452-788 or TIP E-Mail


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