Saturday, May 30, 2015

#Wolf poaching under investigation

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is investigating two poaching cases in southwestern Montana.
A dead black wolf was discovered by a hiker in Gardiner, and a dead gray wolf was found in the Centennial Valley earlier this month.
The wolf found near Gardiner was a couple hundred yards from the Old Yellowstone Trail. FWP said it was a yearling female and estimated it was shot in the first week of May. A hiker reported the wolf to FWP on May 10.
On May 23 an adult male wolf was found north of the Centennial Valley near the Ruby River Long Creek Divide.
FWP spokeswoman Andrea Jones said the two cases are considered unrelated. She noted that wolf season is over, and that it’s illegal to kill any species out of season.
Convicted poachers get a citation and are fined $1,000.
FWP wants anyone who has information about the cases to report it to them. Wolves of the Rockies has offered a $2,000 reward for people who provide information that helps FWP solve these cases.