Sunday, May 24, 2015

#KeepWolvesListed Under the Federal Endangered Species Act

By Rachel Tilseth, the founder of Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin
May 24, 2015
Great Lakes wolves were delisted officially on January 27, 2012. Then on April 2, 2012 Act 169 that implemented a trophy hunt on WI wolves became law. Allowing the use of traps, firearms, dogs to track and trail wolves and bows and arrows. The trophy hunting of wild wolves mandated by a state legislature proves that WI cannot and will not manage an endangered species responsibly.

On December 19, 2014 a federal judge ordered Great Lakes wolves back on the Endangered Species List

Action by you to Help #KeepWolvesListed if you live in WI contact you US senators and House of Representatives and tell them to oppose any anti wolf legislation that calls for delisting of wolves.

Contact the president and let him know how WI mismanaged wolves and #WHProtectWolves

Contact secretary Sally Jewell and demand that states manage wolves, an endangered species, for the benefit of a healthy wolf population because #wolves are #Crucial for our ecosystems.

This week in WI news it was determined that a trophy hunt on wolves has not increased tolerance of wolves and that WI residents need wolf education to increase tolerance  of wolves.

Several anti wolf bills are in the works being pushed through congress by Big Ag, Oil and Gas, and mining companies that want the wilderness areas wolves live on. They’re willing to erode the ESA to get to these areas. And fringe hunters are right with them ready to hunt wolves into extinction.
Keep the pressure on these public officials to use science not special interests when determining the fate of wolves and wild areas they live on.

Ian McAllister Photograph