Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Rep. Nunez of NM Calls for the Extinction of #Wolves (video)

It's no secret that much of rural New Mexico really doesn't like the wolf. And it's not surprising that a lawmaker representing the agriculture committee might sponsor a measure to denounce the federal Mexican Wolf Recovery Program.
But this morning, during a debate on House Memorial 117 in the House Agriculture, Water, and Wildlife Committee, the legislation's sponsor,  Rep. Andy Nuñez, R-Hatch, came out and said he'd like to see wolf go extinct.
As shown in the attached video, (starting at about 45 seconds) Rep. Bill McCamley, D-Las Cruces asked Nuñez what the population of wolves should be.

"My own personal, is zero," Nuñez said.

McCamley said, "... you want to see the wolf be extinct?"

"Yes," Nuñez said.

From there the discussion took a turn toward the theological. Nuñez never budged.

I can't say that other committee members agreed with Nuñez that the wolf should go the way of the dodo. But a majority agreed with his memorial. They gave it a "do-pass" recommendation by a 6-2 vote. Only McCamley and Rep. Bill Gomez, D-La Mesa, voted no.