Der Wolf - hier ein Exemplar aus dem Eberswalder Zoo (Quelle: dpa)
Another shot wolf has been found in Brandenburg. It is the third animal killed within a few months. LKA investigators now assume the deed was rooted in hatred for wolves. The wolf carcass will now be autopsied. Ammunition traces could give clues as to the perpetrators.

Walkers discovered the animal's body on Sunday in a forest near Schoenewalde (Elbe-Elster). The police announced on Monday that the wolf, unlike the other two cases, did not have a separated head. "We are investigating," said a police spokeswoman. The dead animal will be autopsied.

LKA already determined in two previous cases

According to previous investigations, the wolf was not shot where he was discovered. The Landesjagdverband condemned the act. Back in December a shot and decapitated a wolf had been discovered at Hirschberg in the same district on the border of Saxony. Before this time, an incident had occurred in August at love Rose (Dahme-Spreewald). All three cases are under investigation for violating the Endangered Species Act.

14 packs of wolves in Brandenburg

The third case appears to not be connected to the two previous ones, said the Police Bureau in Potsdam. Authorities have completed their investigations into the prior two decapitated wolves and have handed the case over to prosecutor Cottbus. The past secured ammunition tracks will now be compared with those new tracks. About 14 packs of wolves live in Brandenburg, especially in the south. Additionally, there are a number of individual wolves in the same location, according to the Environmental Agency.