Wednesday, March 11, 2015

19 #Wolves Killed in Lolo (by @Defenders of Wildlife)

Sadly, we’ve learned that federal gunmen have recently killed 19 wolves on national forest land in remote Northern Idaho at the state’s request in order to artificially boost elk numbers. As one source reports:

“The controversial action, carried out by the U.S. Wildlife Services agency at the department’s request, was announced Monday and brings the total number of wolves killed by state and federal agents in the Lolo Zone to 48 over the past five years, including 23 in 2014. Most of the wolves were located with and shot from helicopters.”
The Lewiston Tribune

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Defenders is the only national organization with staff on the ground in Idaho who not only worked to help restore wolves, but who are actively working at the statehouse and state wildlife commission to testify against actions threatening wolves.

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The ironically-named “Wildlife Services” has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Idaho to carry out the state’s relentless wolf-killing agenda.

The number of breeding pairs of wolves surviving in the Idaho wild has been plummeting ever since the state was given back control over wolves. In 2011, there were 40 breeding pairs in the state, but by the end of 2014, estimates projected that number as having declined by 45% to 62%. Based on these plummeting numbers of breeding pairs, the future of Idaho’s wolves is increasingly grim.