Monday, December 1, 2014

Hound Hunters Get a Jump Start on the Killing Season in WI

Photograph taken today of a hound hunters truck in the north woods

I bought a hand held CB radio at a thrift store and it proved to be a useful tool for today’s scouting of hound hunters. We had two vehicles and began to hear hound hunters talking through the CB radio.
There were at least six hound hunters in on the conversation and they had thick southern accents. We assumed they were out of state hound hunters. We could hear dogs barking. Then, we heard them say the word “wolf” and they kept saying it over and over.

We heard dogs barking again and then the hound hunters said, ” this is the real deal.” And they sounded excited and repeated this several times. They repeated this at least three times. Then they said they got it with three shots.

We split up to cover more area, but had no sightings of them. We did see one hound hunter vehicle. We found a lot of dog tracks by a boat landing with two hound hunting vehicles nearby.

We were stunned to hear them talk about a wolf and that they shot it because hunting with dogs does not start until tomorrow (December 1).

An hour or so later these same hound hunters talked again about two more wolves and getting clear shots.

We didn’t find these hound hunters. But we clearly heard their dogs barking.

Hound dog tracks by a boat landing in north woods