Gray Wolf, © Joan Poor

Help Us Fight Back in Washington State: A vehement anti-wolf group is taking a full court press to turn Washington residents against wolves by running an absurd anti-wolf billboard campaign around Spokane, Washington. Even through there are only 52 wolves in Washington at last count, groups like this could turn residents against wolves if we don’t stop it. That’s why we are planning an all-out ad blitz to counter this damaging spread of lies and misinformation. We’re hoping to raise enough to run eight billboard ads across Washington state as well as an aggressive online ad campaign. They’re trying to fuel old fears and prejudices to turn public opinion against wolves and we’re determined not to let Idaho’s war on wolves cross the border and spread into Washington state.

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New York Senator Sends Letter to Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell Requesting Continued Protection for Gray Wolves:

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) recently sent a letter to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell requesting continued protection for imperiled gray wolves in the lower 48. As many reading this already know, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is currently considering a proposal to delist the species across the Lower 48. And, this delisting proposal has yet to be rescinded despite the fact that an independent group of scientists — commissioned by the Service to review the merits of the delisting proposal — unanimously concluded the delisting proposal is not based on the best available science. After acknowledging the results of the peer review, Senator Gillbrand moves on to state “I believe complete gray wolf delisting at this time could set an unfortunate precedent of other ESA protected species…” The letter closes by requesting the delisting proposal be rescinded immediately. We thank Senator Gillibrand for her continued work to support gray wolf recovery, and we hope Secretary Jewell is listening.

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