Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Special Message from the Red Wolf Coalition!

Red Wolf Coalition: connecting people, places and red wolves

Just one year ago, Red Wolf Coalition, alongside all red wolf supporters, watched with grave concern as gunshot mortalities stacked up in northeastern North Carolina. Between November 2013 and January 2014, at least ten wild red wolves--some of them members of breeding pairs--were shot and killed in the recovery area.

Thanks to your support, though, the picture has vastly improved. A lawsuit brought by Red Wolf Coalition and several other pro-wolf non-profits was successful in a United States district court. After a hearing in early November, U.S. District Judge Terrence W. Boyle signed off on our settlement agreement. The settlement changes the landscape in favor of red wolf conservation in several ways, including these three key aspects:
  • The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) must now list the red wolf as a "threatened" species in North Carolina. This is a huge victory as, previously, NCWRC refused to do so, even though the red wolf is protected under the federal Endangered Species Act;
  • Coyote hunting will be forbidden on the public lands in the five-county recovery area, and permits will be required to hunt coyotes on private lands. This is obviously significant for red wolf protection;
  • NCWRC will be subject to various requirements for reporting canid deaths and for hunter education and outreach. No longer will red wolves be collateral damage.
Because of you and other RWC supporters, we had a place at the table during this litigation. And, with your continued support, we will likewise play a leadership role when the various interests--conservationists, state and federal agencies, and local citizens-- finally sit down to a level-headed and productive discussion about how we can all learn to live in a habitat shared with red wolves.

Red Wolf Coalition depends on your continued support. That is a plain and simple fact. If we are to remain a trusted voice on the subject of red wolf conservation--and also a voice on behalf of red wolves themselves--we must remain a vibrant and active organization.

To do that, we need your help with the Red Wolf Pack Rally Fundraiser. Once again, we are partnering with CrowdRise as part of our Winter 2014-15 fundraiser. While Hank and Betty, the resident red wolves at the Columbia, North Carolina education facility, are the faces of this year's financial appeal, we know that the real action starts when hundreds of people acknowledge that Red Wolf Coalition deserves their support.

As has been our experience with CrowdRise on previous fundraisers, we have been able to leverage those numbers into additional funds from CrowdRise itself. We have often added thousands of dollars to our appeal totals because our support is both widespread and committed.

Please use the link below, or click on Hank or Betty above, to show your support for Red Wolf Coalition. Thank you so much, and may you and yours have a great holiday season!
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