Friday, November 14, 2014

Gun Lake Tribe hosts meeting on wolf's scientific and cultural importance

Amir Abbas, November 4, 2014

SHELBYVILLE, Mich. (WZZM) - Voters will tackle the issue of wolf hunting Tuesday. Proposal 14-1 asks voters whether there should be an annual wolf hunting season in Michigan.

Those who want a wolf hunting season say that we need to control the growing population, as it now sits at over 600. They also argue that wolves hurt farmers by killing their livestock.

Some of those who oppose wolf hunting attended a meeting held in Shelbyville by the Gun Lake Tribe. They say wolves are sacred and they want to see them protected.

"It's a murderous thing that they're doing: they're taking down something that I look as a mother is wolf clan, and I honor her side as being my wolf relatives," says Punkin Shananaquet.
A professor from Central Michigan University was also at the meeting. He says that there are non-lethal ways to protect cattle and other livestock.

"There's flagging that's been used, but livestock protection dogs have probably been used most generally, a universal tool that could be effective, factoring in all things -- time commitment by farmers and cost," says Dr. Tom Gehring.

We do want to note that both proposals about wolf hunting are a bit of a moot point -- because of action taken by Michigan Legislature over the summer. Advocates on both sides of the issue, however, want voters to make their voices heard -- because the proposals could return.