Friday, November 28, 2014

An Important Message from Howling for Wolves


Dear Wolf Advocate,

Howling For Wolves is exceptionally thankful for your continued support, activism and donations. We hope that your Thanksgiving was a wonderful one, spent however you best experience the spirit of gratitude.

Today, however, we mourn the real Black Friday - the day before the start of the dreaded
wolf trapping season in Minnesota. Trapping and snaring wolves is completely unnecessary suffering. Before the first wolf hunting season, MN lawmakers suggested that hunters would not be able to shoot wolves.  They were wrong; wolves are easily killed in the firearms season in Minnesota. The “quota” is always met early.

With trapping and snaring wolves, they and other animals suffer for hours if not days before facing death. It is these practices we are working to end, above all else related to the wolf hunt in Minnesota.

We are making plans now for the next Minnesota state legislative session. In the meantime, we will call on the Minnesota DNR and the Governor to end this reckless wolf hunt.

Our recent radio ad asks Minnesotans to respect our true wildlife manager, the wolf. We need our wolf packs stable, so that they can exist in the wild. We need them for our wilderness and for our spirits. This radio ad is on the air now in the Twin cities and in the Duluth and Bemidji areas.
Click to listen here:

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so we can work together to protect wolves, and celebrate their existence. Your charitable donations go directly toward buying more air time for this radio ad and your donations to our legislative "Action Fund" help us change laws for wolves. Thank you for all that you do for wolves.

Dr. Maureen Hackett, MD
Founder, Howling For Wolves