Monday, November 17, 2014

A New & Important Message from #Howling for Wolves

Our New Radio Ad: the Wolf Hunt








Dear Wolf Advocates,

In just one week since the start of Minnesota's wolf hunt, 110 wolves have already been killed with firearms. This saddens us all.  But we choose to turn our sadness into actions to protect wolves.

We are grateful you choose to act with us. Last week with your generous donations, Howling For Wolves raised over $12,000 through the Give to the Max Day at GiveMN and direct donations. These donations will go toward our new radio advertisement against the wolf hunt.

In the radio ad, we ask Minnesotans to respect our true wildlife manager, the wolf. We say that a recreational wolf hunt creates unstable packs.  And that non-lethal methods can help maintain the stability of Minnesota’s wolf packs.

Wolves deserve to be protected and admired. And we know you agree.

Click here to listen to our powerful new radio ad.

We appreciate your help in getting this ad to air. Now we must keep it on the air. We will continue the pressure and the fight to let our wolves live! This ad will play within the twin cities, Duluth and in Bemidji (wolf territory). So if you are waiting for the right time to give a donation; that time is now.

Stay tuned to for developing efforts around our upcoming, interactive #LiveAndLetHowl campaign.


Dr. Maureen Hackett, MD

Founder, Howling For Wolves


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