Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Washington State Residents: Here's how to save your wolves!

Center for Biological Diversity

Dear Washington State Resident,

Gray wolf
Washington's wolves need your help.

Ten days ago the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife launched a secret helicopter mission to try to kill four pups from the Huckleberry wolf pack in southern Stevens County in response to sheep losses caused by wolves. After killing one young wolf from the air, they changed tactics -- setting ground traps in hopes of catching and killing three more wolves.

This is the same agency that exterminated the Wedge pack for depredations on cattle in the same county -- using ground traps to kill one wolf, then shooting six more from the air.

These types of slaughters will only continue unless the Washington state wolf plan is made legally enforceable.

Please contact Governor Jay Inslee now. Tell him to hold Washington's wildlife agency and ranchers accountable and set hard legal limits on when wolves can be killed.
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