Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wolf shooting unjustified

September 10, 2014 in Letters, Opinion
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has done it again! For the second time in two years, wolves in Eastern Washington have been targeted and shot from a helicopter, at the behest of a rancher who failed to adequately protect his livestock. There are only 51 endangered gray wolves in the entire state, so why aren’t they better protected from ranchers and this corrupt agency?

Once again, as in the case of the Wedge pack, Fish and Wildlife is unable to credibly justify this clandestine kill order. Their version of events doesn’t correspond to known facts. Besides, if it’s OK to shoot wolves that have been enticed into killing unprotected livestock, even on private land, before nonlethal deterrents have been used properly and thoroughly, that has to change.

None of our precious wildlife can read a “No trespassing” sign.

Nonlethal deterrents really work, as has been notably proven with wolves in Oregon. Washingtonians need to demand much more from Fish and Wildlife, and from Gov. Jay Inslee. We must learn to practice restraint with nature if we hope to leave any of it alive for the future.

Gennie Gregg

from The Spokesman-Review