Tuesday, April 26, 2016

$85k anonymous donation helps W.O.L.F sanctuary move

Janet Oravetz, KUSA 
FORT COLLINS - An $85.000 donation is helping the W.O.L.F Sanctuary move to a new location in northern Colorado.

The sanctuary had recently launched a capitol campaign to purchase a new property. It that will provide better access and educational opportunities for the public, along with more room and resources for the captive-born wolves and wolf dogs the organization cares for.

The group planned to use $50,000 from its savings as well as donations to make the down payment but will no longer have to do so.

An anonymous donor  who had established a Donor Advised fund at the Community Foundation heard about the campaign and recommended the generous $85,000 grant.

“We were pleasantly surprised by this incredible donation, which became a game-changer in the short time W.O.L.F. had to run its capital campaign," said Shelley J. Coldiron, Ph.D., Executive Director.

Another $70,000 was received in donations from about 700 other donors from around and country and overseas. Due to all of the donations they were able to make the down payment of $152,500 without using any funds from their savings.

The capital campaign is the first step in the move to W.O.L.F.’s new home. Additional expenses related to the relocation include the Larimer County Special Review process, necessary improvements to the property and buildings, and erection of new, larger wolf enclosures. Donors interested in supporting W.O.L.F. can visit www.wolfsanctuary.net.

Founded in 1995, W.O.L.F. has played a role in saving thousands of lives over the years.  W.O.L.F. works with a network of sanctuaries and rescue organizations around the country to place captive-born wolves and wolf dogs into safe and appropriate settings.

This sanctuary in Northern Colorado provides life-long care for up to 30 animals at a time that have been rescued from individuals unable to care for them.