Sunday, October 4, 2015


ATTN Wolves!

Today, I happened across an awesome site on Facebook; these folks have actually taken the time and constructed a list of all the current wolf petitions. Each month, they search through the list and omit the closed petitions and add any new ones. This deed is extremely tedious and time consuming, so my hat's off to them for all their hard work. 

I contacted the owner of this group's page and she gave me permission to repost this information each month to my followers. What I would like for you to do is to please repost or retweet this list to your own followers. If we do this, we can make sure that all of us have equal opportuinity to sign as many petitions as we can. We all want to save our precious wolves and by spreading awareness of these petitions, we can move closer to our ultimate goal.

Many thanks to Wonderful Wolves for their generosity and kind spirit. Wolf people are the greatest, right? Stay strong, my friends.

Best to you all,


Wonderful Wolves ~

225 Wolf Petitions to sign & share ---- Compiled by the ~ Wonderful Wolves ~ admin team
This is the latest revised version of the wolf petition list ,created on 04/10/2015. All petitions that have been closed since the previous list (September 2015) was posted are removed, new petitions have been added. Any one who has signed the petitions on the previous list only has to check from 677 upwards as these have been added after that list was posted.
Some petitions are close to the target and/or will be closed before a new list will be created, please keep in mind that we try to keep it up to date in the notes section of our page.Vacant numbers will not be used to avoid confusion, new petitions will be added at the bottom of the list.  Thank you for your support ! 
~ The Admin Team ~