Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wolves attack sheep and lambs in North Sweden

Radio SwedenEye on the Arctic

This weekend, wolf attacks were responsible for the deaths of a number of sheep and lambs in northern Sweden, in Sågmyra and Insjön, and on Monday, the County Administrative Board will be reviewing an application that came in to carry out a protective hunt.

Twenty-four sheep and lambs were killed in Sågmyra on Saturday, and 10 in Östra Insjön on Sunday. Last week, nine sheep were also killed by wolf attacks in Insjön, and more sheep have disappeared from the areas because of the attacks.

Residents have witnessed wolves standing and eating the animals, and Bert Eriksson, a surveyor for the county administrative board, told Swedish Radio P4 Dalarna that it’s very sad for the owners of these animals.
In Sågmyra, there is a good game fence, but Eriksson says the wolves may have been able to get under it in one place.

After the weekend’s attacks in the “Gimmen” wolf range, the county board has warned the owners to be extra careful with their domestic animals, and to put them inside at night.

Jonas Bergman, at the board, wrote in a press release that they see the incidents as serious, and on Monday, the board will be considering an application to carry out a protective hunt.