Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reader's view: Shooting and trapping wolves a form of greed

 Published September 24, 2012,

The rush to shoot and trap wolves without a five-year study period seems like a form of greed.
Over 70 countries have outlawed the leg-hold trap.
Anyone who watches “Nature” on WDSE-TV Channel 8 may have recently seen a photo of a wolf whose legs were entrapped from a set of more than 100 traps placed close together. Does that sound “all-American?”
The rush to put aside a serious environmental impact study and cast the Environmental Protection Agency as an enemy of mining jobs also seems like greed. Anyone who has read any sort of serious magazine or who has viewed documentaries may have seen instances of lifeless environments in the aftermath of mining.
Aggressiveness itself is a form of greed. I’m troubled that so many of my fellow citizens are excited about voting for greed.

Karen Moore

WTG Karen. I'm right there with you!