Sunday, September 23, 2012

Letters: State wolf hunt is revenge filled sport

A letter to the editor...

  Sep 22, 2012   |    
October 15, 2012: 201 murders scheduled to begin. November 3, 2012: 400 murders scheduled to begin in Minnesota. Thousands of “Get out of jail free cards” issued to humans who will be given the right to “play God” for $10 each. The victim? Wolves.

“Hunters” are aiming to “harvest” wolves this fall. Wolves are not pumpkins or any other crop, therefore the word “harvest” is sickening. Wolves are living beings. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, children and cousins. A family. A pack. Wolves kill only merely to survive so they can feed their family. They don’t know that taking your livestock is wrong, nor do they know the concept of money, which seems to be what this whole mass murder is about.

With all our technology, landowners, in my opinion, should have had a better way to protect their livestock. Humans with the higher capacity for knowledge? So we thought.

I am saddened for all families that were affected by the losses. I am sorry for the losses of all your beloved pets. As an animal activist, please know that the wolves that killed your pets were only protecting their own families. Wolves are very territorial. On a brighter note, the fact is that few, if any, healthy wolves have attacked humans, whom they instead try to avoid. I ask you, please forgive them. Really truly look at them and see the beauty of their souls, the innocence that Mother Nature gave them, and the similarity between how their pack functions in a way that is like your own family. Wolves kill for survival only.

This wolf “harvest” is a revenge filled sport; not survival. I only pray that I reach some hearts out there, bring some understanding, compassion, and that I somehow make a difference in writing this.

Shaylah Schmidt