Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Perfect Example of an article of ignorance.

Dangerous wolves in Washington and female hunters on the rise

by Zach Urness

September 14, 2012

Newly introduced wolves have made it dangerous for people to take dogs into the woods in northeast Washington, and females are making up a larger percentage of hunters in general, according to two excellent stories recently published in Pacific Northwest newspapers.


That first story, about the always explosive topic of wolf re-introduction in the West, was written by Rich Landers of the (Spokane) Spokesman-Review and can be read here. Landers points out that livestock owners aren’t the only ones concerned about wolves in northeastern Washington —  that indeed, hikers with dogs need to be particularly weary.
From the story:

“Wolves won’t tolerate other canines in their territory. We know this from Alaska and British Columbia, where wolves have harassed people walking their dogs and killed pets in the process.”

The second story comes from the Oregonian’s Laurie Robinson, who details the fact that the percentage of hunters who are women is on the rise. You can read the story here.
From the story:

“In the long, downward trajectory in the number of hunters in Oregon, there is at least one promising uptick for those who value that lifestyle: the percentage of hunters who are women.”


Poster's note: the articles referred to above not only insult women everywhere, but it also delivers hand wringing adjectives such as "dangerous" like bullets to pierce the minds of the anxious. I am grateful to Mr.Urness to point these articles out so that I might know the true ignorance of the articles' authors.