Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wolf Weekly Wrap-up

Posted: 25 May 2012
Great predators, great video– Just in time for the start of our proactive season, our friends at Green Fire Productions have posted a favorite chapter from their groundbreaking documentary Lords of Nature. This particular segment highlights Defenders’ efforts to help ranchers coexist with wolves in central Idaho. Watch below to learn more about the genesis of the Wood River Wolf Project, now entering its fifth season!

Montana meeting madness—Fish, Wildlife and Parks met with resistance from both sides during a series of meetings this week to discuss proposed wolf hunt regulations for the coming fall season. Wolf supporters continue to raise concerns about eliminating quotas, extending the season, and allowing trapping for the first time. Meanwhile, wolf opponents urged the state to kill even more wolves by allowing snaring and hiring federal agents to do more aerial gunning. Read the full story in the Billings Gazette
. The state Livestock Loss Board also met last week in Hamilton to hear from area ranchers. Even though losses to wolves are at a low point (fewer than 100 were lost last year), many continue to complain about the impact wolves are having on their livestock. Others representing the hunting industry asked the board to help kill more wolves in order to artificially boost elk numbers. Read the full story in the Missoulian
. Evenly Matched
Plenty of elk for shooting – You know those claims you keep hearing from anti-wolf extremists about wolves decimating elk herds? Outdoor writer Todd Wilkinson says it’s all a bunch of hooey. He scoured 50-some websites of outfitters in the region and found nearly all of them boasting about the incredible elk hunting opportunities, with almost no mention of wolves. If wolves really are taking a toll on elk populations, someone oughta let these outfitters know so they can update their websites.
Wolves in Utah?—The search continues for a pack of wolves that is believed to have set up shop in eastern Utah. Mounting evidence includes what appear to be wolf tracks, several alleged sightings in recent months, and a photo from 2010 of what is believed to be a wolf. Yet the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has been unable to definitely confirm the presence of wolves. According to Deseret News, state biologists are now using electronic calls to track the animals they believe to be wolves. If they do discover a pack, it will be the first in Utah since they were eradicated in the 1930s.

Wolves in Boulder! – Ok, so they’re only on the cover of the weekly newspaper, but still… A feature story explains why Wyoming’s shoot-on-sight wolf plan will make it very hard for wolves to ever make it to Colorado. So far, the state has been unwilling to consider reintroductions, which makes wolf recovery in the Centennial State a real long-shot.

On the silver screen — Seattle supporters, don’t miss the world premiere of “True Wolf” next week! This feature documentary tells the story of a wolf named Koani, who helped teach people across the country about wild wolves…and changed the lives of her caretakers forever. See the trailer below, and click here to order tickets to see the premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival on May 31 and June 1. The movie will be released at theaters nationwide this summer, starting on June 22 at the Landmark Varsity Theater in Seattle.