Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Simple, Yet Powerful Letter to the Editor

May 23, 2012 in Opinion, Letters

Man is meaner than wolves

My letter is in defense of Meg McCoy’s April 24 letter from the vigorous attacks by Idahoans Beverly Klein (May 10) and Patrick Larson (May 6).

My gut reaction to the photo of the trapper posing in front of the dying wolf is he has no soul; oblivious to the suffering. Gluttony and arrogance not only eradicates species, it can now kill the planet. I’ve heard questioning wolves’ existence because they have no economic value. What a sad world when the purpose for existence is profit! Wolves have a nobility that is blind to some – qualities like strong family bond, resilience, teamwork and intelligence. Beautiful animals!

My letter is also for those like me who enjoy wilderness camping, even in Idaho, who would be thrilled to hear a wolf howl, but not the sound of gunfire.

The forests are not feedlots for game animals. Wolves belong here as much as elk. If Klein is not Native American she is no more indigenous than wolves are. It’s easy to see people such as these thinking Indians didn’t need the buffalo. A balanced ecosystem existed long before humans mucked things up.

Man is the ugliest animal roaming the forests.

Donald W. Daw