Monday, December 7, 2015

US Senator Wolf Calls Needed; Call Now! via @HowlingforWolves

Dear Wolf Supporter:
This week, the future of the gray wolf in the United States may be decided by politicians in Washington, D.C. Your US senators will vote for wolves. Your passion is invaluable. Your voice is crucial. A simple phone call has the power to make the difference at the federal level.

Congress must vote on new federal funding bills by December 11 to avert a government shutdown. Once again, anti-wolf interests are attempting to insert language (known as a “rider”) into the next funding bill that would delist gray wolves from their current protections under the Endangered Species Act. This proposed language would entirely remove federal protection of wolves in the Great Lakes region and Wyoming, leaving them open to state-sanctioned recreational “trophy” hunts – including cruel snaring and trapping – and other catastrophic policies under state management. It’s a formula for extinction of wolves.

It is imperative that wolf de-listing language, along with other harmful policy riders that weaken the Endangered Species Act (ESA), are kept out of upcoming government funding negotiations. We need you to put pressure on your US Senators to vote no on budget bills with anti-wolf and anti-ESA riders. President Obama needs enough senators to vote no so that he can veto bad budget bills.

The wolf needs you to help! You are the voice of the wolf with your own US Senators. As an advocate of the wolf for future generations, your constituent phone calls, emails and letters are valuable currency to persuade lawmakers to keep the wolf protected.
With federal wolf protections, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is obligated to support wolf recovery with better monitoring.

We need your help to make a quick phone call today to your U.S. Senators:
   Please find both of your state senators at

Some points to make include:
1. Protect the Endangered Species Act and vote against harmful policy riders in upcoming budget bills that harm wolf protections. The best available science and ethical stewardship should guide species protection policies.
2. If wolves do not have federal protections under the Endangered Species Act, There will be more wolf killing with state-sponsored trophy hunting, trapping and snaring and from poaching that is only partially controlled by federal protections laws against killing wolves. All states with wolves have implemented wolf hunts upon delisting and these states have made it known that wolf hunts will resume as soon as the wolf comes off of the ESA. All of this wolf killing on top of the illegal wolf killing ( poaching) that also occurs.
3. States’ policies do not support recovery of the wolf. Wolves are vital for America’s wild landscapes and for the American wilderness spirit. We must keep wolves around for future generations.

Please share this email with your friends – get at least one other person to make a call!

It  crunch time and the wolf needs us now! Make the call today.
-Maureen Hackett, MD.   President and Founder,   Howling For Wolves  source