Thursday, December 24, 2015

Letter to the editor: Wolves would help the ecosystem

First Published
Kudos to Kirk Robinson and Allison Jones for supporting wolves in Utah. The state agencies that make decisions about predators are "owned" by the anti-predator, hunting-only folks, not the greater and growing majority of Utahns. In fact, all Americans want more say in state management of public lands. We also wonder why 100 years of science and understanding of the importance of predators is ignored.

We don't pay? You've never given us a way to pay. Try it: We'd love to contribute to actually setting aside land and wildlife to function as a natural system, complete with adequate predators. I understand that hunting is big money. I am willing to share the world with hunters, but I'm tired of hunters having the only say.
I am actually mystified why those who love to hunt the great herds don't want predators. Science showed us a long time ago, without a doubt, that healthy predator populations help, not hurt, prey. The notion that the wolves will decimate the prey populations has long been found untrue. It's time to bring wolves back to Utah and to quit harassing the other predators.

Chris Albert, DVM
Lebanon Junction, Ky.