Wednesday, September 9, 2015

News and Update from Howling for Wolves!

Update newsletter, September 9, 2015

Minnesota’s wolf population and packs decreasing
In August, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources released its annual wolf population survey estimates, announcing a decrease of 100 packs and the elimination of over 200 wolves. “The elimination of nearly 100 Minnesota wolf families/packs in one year is drastic, reckless, and unacceptable for responsible wolf recovery. The DNR is mixing up ‘wolf recovery’ with ‘keeping wolves barely above the brink of extinction,’” said Howling For Wolves Founder and President Maureen Hackett, MD. Read our Howling For Wolves press release here.

Howling For Wolves, with your help, will not relent. Politicians in Minnesota and Washington and reckless state plans with ineffective federal oversight are the biggest threat to the survival of the wolf. We have been working to oppose efforts of federal politicians to delist the gray wolf from the Endangered Species List. Congressional action on the wolf would circumvent the court process, ignore the best available science, and remove federal oversight. And - it would mean a return to state-organized wolf trophy hunts. You can contact your US Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen from the Howling For Wolves’ take action page. Click on the Federal Action and Tell them to protect the wolf!

Howling at the Minnesota State Fair
Howling For Wolves continues to see encouragement and support from fellow Minnesotans. During the Minnesota State Fair, thousands visited our booth to say hello, learn about wolves and take political action by sending a message to federal and MN state lawmakers. Thank you! You can and should take an action now if you did not take one at the Fair.

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National legislation to slow trophy hunts of rare and exotic species by stopping the importation of their killing’s souvenir
Killing for trophies or souvenirs- trophy hunts – must end. Right now, the federal Endangered Species Act only prevents the import and export of wildlife already listed as “endangered.” New legislation in Washington, D.C., called the CECIL Act, would extend import bans to animals proposed for addition to the endangered species list. The “Conserving Ecosystems by Ceasing the Importation of Large (CECIL) Animals Trophies Act” would prohibit the importation of hunting souvenirs including African lions  killed as trophies into the United States. Howling For Wolves supports Senator Menendez’s proposed legislation.

Study shows wolves help ecosystem in Wisconsin
Check out this landmark study from the Journal of Ecology showing how wolves that moved back to Wisconsin improved the diversity of plants in Wisconsin forests.  The top-down effect of apex predators on plant and tree diversity is called a trophic cascade. Wolves, as the apex predator are a keystone species because many other species depend on having the wolf present. They are vital for healthy forest ecosystems. This study measured a positive outcome in increased diversity of plants in Wisconsin forests associated with the return of wolves.

HFW visits Red Lake Nation
On Thursday, August 21, Howling For Wolves Founder and President Maureen Hackett toured the newly built Red Lake Nation College and government building. She was greeted by Floyd Buck Jourdain, former Red Lake Nation Chairman, and Dan King current Red Lake Nation College President (in photo).  While touring the facility, they discussed the sacred cultural role of the wolf for the Red Lake Nation and the relief that many felt when the wolf was returned to federal protection under the endangered species act.

HFW helps FFA
HFW was excited to meet and educate a group of Future Farmers of America (FFA) students from Dassel-Cokato High School who are the Ag-Issues debate team.  They have advanced to compete in debate at the national level with their chosen issue, wolf hunting in MN. Their competitive nature was apparent as they sought to learn as much as possible about all aspects of the wolf hunt and specifically requested time with Dr. Hackett to answer their questions to help them understand the wolf advocacy position and facts.

Wolves in the news
A mesmerizing 2 minute video of August 21 called "Ensemble" filmed by Jim Brandenburg and directed by Laurent Joffrion.

Peter David speaks at the Wolf and Wildlife Conservation and Coexistence Initiative

HFW President Maureen Hackett comments on the DNR wolf survey results

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