Friday, April 3, 2015

Dutch #wolf came from German pack, dna tests on sheep bites show


The lone wolf which spent a few days in Groningen and Drenthe last month came from a German pack, DNA tests show.

wolf in germanyResearch institute Alterra has checked DNA traces left on two dead and two wounded sheep found in areas where the wolf was spotted. The tests show the Dutch wolf came from a pack known as Munster which lives near Hamburg and Bremen.

Although the bites on the animals appear to have come from either a large dog or a wolf, the dna testing shows at least one bite came from a wolf.

The bites also show the wolf was young and inexperienced in tackling large prey, Alterra, which is part of Wageningen University, said in a statement. The wolf spent several days in the Netherlands before heading back to Germany. It’s odd behaviour led some people to conclude it had been raised by humans.