Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Oregon Fish and Game #Wolf Update Recommends Removing #Wolves from ESA

Commission will be given an informational presentation providing an update on the delisting process.    

Staff:  Russ Morgan, Wolf Program Coordinator         
Public Testimony
Action:  Informational

Attachments: (pdf)
Executive Session
The Commission will hold an executive session to consult with legal counsel with respect to litigation filed or likely to be filed against the Commission, as authorized by ORS 192.660(2) (e).


The following is Attachment 1, which an introduction to the report supporting Oregon's stand on wolves. That stand means removal from the Endangered Species list. The addendum immediately above my comment means that Fish and Game expect to have a lawsuit filed against them for their actions. 

Once you have read Attachment 1, you can click on the links above that provide access to the full report... and of course, form your own opinion.