Saturday, July 27, 2013

Group works to protect Michigan wolves

by Jerry Tudor
Posted: 07.25.2013


MARQUETTE -- The group Keep Michigan Wolves Protected is working to gain more than 225,000 signatures to make this fall's wolf hunt the last. The group kicked off its petition campaign Thursday at the Ramada Inn in Marquette. Members are looking to put forth a second referendum that will give Michigan voters the choice to keep or end the wolf hunts. They feel current wolf management practices are effective.

"There are not enough wolves in Michigan; there are only 658 of them and there are just too few.  There's absolutely no reason to start a wolf hunting season in Michigan," said Jill Fritz, the Director of the Keep Michigan Wolves Protected Campaign. "Wolves are already under state control. There is a state law that allows the DNR to manage wolves, and they seem to have done it effectively so far."
The group has been working with wildlife scientists from Michigan Tech as well as Native American tribes in the U.P. to collect information and signatures. The last time they took up this issue, they managed to get 250,000 signatures.