Tuesday, July 30, 2013

BBC Scotland crew visited Wolf Park

Updated: Tuesday, 30 Jul 2013
BATTLE GROUND, Ind. (WLFI) - A film crew from BBC Scotland has been filming in Tippecanoe County this week.

The crew has been shooting at Wolf Park for part of three one hour series’ called "Inside the Animal Mind."

The show will compare dogs and wolves and their ability to read humans, while testing their sense of smell.

It also looks at how the animals change their behavior after domestication.

Dr. Kathryn Lord, who has conducted research and helped socialize litters of wolf pups at Wolf Park, was interviewed for the production.

Host of the show, Chris Packham said it will be a science based show, but said there aren't many wolves in the UK.

Packham said the show will be meant to test animals' senses, ability to learn, and problem solving skills.

“Over the process of domestication, dogs have learned to use us to look at us, to receive commands, but wolves haven't done that. So, everything is going very well and they've got a great bunch of wolves here,” said Packham.

BBC also shot this week at People’s Brewing Co. to film a blind man who used sound to navigate.
Packham said the series should be completed by November and will be on the air early next year.