Monday, April 1, 2013

Put wolves back on endangered species list, removed from state control

March 31, 2013 
Regarding the ongoing wolf slaughter, the jihad of western and midwestern states of the wolf: I don’t know what to say, but it is a vendetta, not management, a jihad by yokel-redneck-hunter-trapper-rancher-like-minded wildlife agencies and legislatures, but we have to move to get wolves out of state control.

Wildlife management should mostly be federal jurisdiction because wildlife is regional or national in that wildlife does not see state boundaries, intermingle across state boundaries and are mostly, regarding predators, on national public land (national forests or national parks).
Wildlife is a treasure to the country, not a renewable resource or annihilation target of state or localities within state.

Another point is that the western states of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming are simply too redneck-yokel-rancher-sportsmen (hunter) to manage the wolf. The same types set out to eliminate the wolf and other predators 200 years ago along with the USA government. The wolf has basically, with political delisting, been turned over to traditional enemies. It is not science, not logic, not ecology; it is just traditional, ignorant hate elements making the decisions.

The answer is to re-list, indefinitely, and probably forever, and get away from this right-minded (Republican) idea of state prominence in this regard. It is not limited to wolves but also grizzlies, which the state of Montana seems anxious to “manage” / kill once de-listed, and I think they are next going after lions. Once the wildlife agencies “study” predators, it is likely to “manage” (kill) and marginalize them.

Roger Hewitt,
Great Falls