Thursday, December 6, 2012

LETTER: Wolf hunt makes no sense

December 05, 2012

To the Telegram: What is going on here — a killing frenzy? The wolf hunt is beyond disgusting; it has opened up a door and exposed abuse of power by politicians.

Wolves were removed from the Endangered Species List in January and already are being trapped and shot again. A four-month long season, day and night, with trapping, electronic calling devices and bait being used — possibly dogs too, if the Dane county judge approves it Dec. 20.

Why? After researching it, I understand.

The bill was co-authored by the Bear Hunter Association, Hunters Rights Group, and Safari International.

Scott Walker was elected with support from these groups.

This is payback.

The DNR wrote a wolf management plan in 1999 when the population was about 200. This plan determined management could be implemented when the population reached 350, meaning the DNR could shoot a few or have a very limited hunt.

This was never meant to be the maximum population. Now, there are more wolf licenses than there are wolves.

The DNR already allowed farmers to trap and shoot problem wolves on their property. The depredation payments for livestock, pets lost to wolves are astonishing. The DNR paid $20,000 for two deer killed in a canned hunting area.

Fix the fence. This should not be a payout.

According to DNR, each wolf kills about 20 deer a year, or about 16,000 annually. Wisconsin has about 1.4 million deer. Wolves prey on the sick and weak, which helps prevent the spread of CWD and other diseases.

Wolves are public trust. They belong to all the citizens of the state, and according to DNR survey, over 75 percent are against this hunt.

There is no biological reason to kill wolves. It is disheartening to see such lack of respect for life, wilderness and ecology.

Please write your representatives.

Cathy Miller,