Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wolves kill bear hound in Douglas County

Wildlife officials have confirmed that wolves killed a bear hunting hound on Sunday in Douglas County.

The wolves are believed to be from the Moose Road Pack; the hound was killed in the Town of Dairyland.

In keeping with the Department of Natural Resources' policy, the agency issued a notice of the depredation and a caution to hunters with dogs and others in the area.

A caution map and more information, including an updated depredation report, can be found on the DNR's dog depredation page.

Wolves have killed seven and injured three dogs in nine incidents in Wisconsin this year, according to DNR records. The bear hunting season ends Tuesday.

Wolf depredations on dogs are markedly reduced in 2012. By this date in 2011, wolves had killed 19 dogs and injured six, according to the DNR.

The DNR estimated the state's wolf population at between 815 to 880 animals in late winter. The wolf population typically doubles by summer with the birth of pups, then begins to decline as wolves die from various causes.

A wolf hunting and trapping season is scheduled to begin Monday in Wisconsin. The DNR has set a statewide harvest quota of 201 wolves. The agency has issued 1,160 licenses.