Friday, October 26, 2012

The Center for Biological Diversity's 2012 Rubber Dodo Award.

Center for Biological Diversity

Rubber dodo award
The votes are in, and the results couldn't be clearer: Senator James Inhofe -- one of Congress' staunchest deniers of climate change -- is the winner of the Center for Biological Diversity's 2012 Rubber Dodo award.

The Center gives out the award every year to the worst of the worst -- those in a class of their own for their monumental opposition to protecting wildlife and the environment.

More than 15,000 Center supporters cast their votes in this year's Rubber Dodo contest. Other official nominees were Sen. Jon Tester, whose legislation was instrumental in stripping federal protections from wolves in the Rockies, and Shell Oil, which is dead-set on drilling in the Arctic Ocean, no matter the cost to polar bears, walruses, the climate or our health.

(There were plenty of write-in votes, too, including President Barack Obama, former Gov. Mitt Romney, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, Monsanto and the Koch brothers.)

But the results are clear: Senator James Inhofe is the worst of the worst.

When it comes to denying the science and reality of climate change -- aka the single-greatest threat to life on Earth -- the Oklahoma Republican is simply peerless, a driving force behind the tragic lack of U.S. action on global warming.

The Center's hardworking staff, which fights all the time for the protection of wildlife and a livable climate, can attest to the fact that this year's Dodo recipient is richly deserving.

2012 is on track to become the warmest year yet, with some 40,000 new temperature records. Arctic sea ice melted to a record-breaking low; there were droughts, crop failures, massive wildfires, floods, and other dire signs that global warming is tightening its grip.

Senator Inhofe and his cronies claim it's all an elaborate hoax, and stubbornly block meaningful action to combat the crisis.

Well, we're not going to take it lying down. The Center's redoubling efforts to expose the truth and science on global warming and push the country toward a safer, saner future that reduces carbon pollution and preserves a world for all species, great and small.

For the wild,

KierĂ¡n Suckling
Executive Director