Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wolf hunting bill introduced in Michigan

By Paul A. Smith of the Journal Sentinel
Aug. 21, 2012
 A bill to allow wolf hunting has been introduced in the Michigan Legislature.
The bill, introduced Aug. 15 by Rep. Matt Huuki (R-Atlantic Mine), would add the wolf to Michigan's list of game species. It also would establish a $100 license fee for residents, $500 for non-residents and a $4 permit application fee.

Unlike in Wisconsin, where lawmakers included many specifics about hunting methods and season dates in legislation to establish a wolf hunting and trapping season, the Michigan bill would allow that state's DNR and Natural Reources Commission to develop hunting seasons, harvest methods and bag limits.

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It was referred to the Michigan Legislature's Committee on Natural Resources, Tourism, and Outdoor Recreation.

The wolf population in the Western Great Lakes region was removed from protections of the federal Endangered Species Act in January and returned to state management.
Wisconsin and Minnesota have already passed laws to allow for a public wolf harvest starting in 2012.

The Wisconsin season is facing a lawsuit over the use of dogs to hunt wolves as well as opposition from American Indian tribes in the state.
A hearing on the lawsuit is scheduled for Aug. 29 in Dane County Circuit Court.

The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board approved a DNR plan for a statewide harvest quota of 201 wolves. The state had 815 to 880 wolves in 213 packs in late winter, according to the DNR.
The Wisconsin wolf hunting and trapping season is scheduled to run Oct. 15 to the end of February.
The state had sold 13,036 wolf hunting and trapping application permits as of Monday afternoon. Sales of the $10 permits will continue through Aug. 31. The DNR plans to hold a drawing for licenses in early September.