Monday, October 10, 2011

This is an outrage!

Quota of three wolves is filled-

Montana wolf hunters have killed the small quota of just 3 wolves immediately north of Yellowstone Park, so the wolf hunt there is now closed. It is subunit 313-316 of wolf management unit 390.
The quota next to the Park was set low because it is bad public relations when they shoot Yellowstone Park wolves when they are temporarily out of the Park. In the last Montana wolf hunt, a Park pack was destroyed.
Because of the the closeness to the Park, there is no evidence presented that these were not Park wolves.
The state of Idaho has a very large quota next to the Park (30) and their hunt runs for many months. Fortunately, wolves usually do not leave the Park to the SW as often as other Park boundaries. Idaho lies to its SW. Five wolves have been killed so far  in Idaho’s Island Park wolf hunting unit. This hunting unit also adjoins the state of Wyoming and will probably take wolves from Grand Teton National Park.