Sunday, October 16, 2011

Howling For Wolves Rallies At State Capitol


October 14, 2011 Advocates rallied in Helena on the steps of the capitol building to demand the end of wolf slaughter on Friday.Friends of Animals organized the rally.The group is starting Howl Across America to spread support for the fight against wolf hunting.About 28 people participated in the rally along with a couple of speakers.The crowd chanted “Wolves die. Schweitzer lies. Wolves die. Schweitzer lies.”Friends of Animals is also trying to spread awareness by asking supporters to boycott Montana, Idaho and Wyoming tourism.

According to Dustin Rhodes, Friends of Animals D.C. Correspondent, they are urging supporters to call Gov. Brian Shweitzer and Sen. John Tester and tell them they won’t be visiting the state and spending money until the wolf killing is put to an end.Denise Boggs with Conservation Congress attended and spoke at the rally and said hitting the pocket book is the best way to grab political attention.“That's the only way to bring about change. It would send a very powerful message if people contacted Governor Schweitzer and said I'm not spending money in your state, because of what you're doing to wolves," Boggs said.The rally lasted a little over tour hours.Montana was the first stop in the campaign.Friends of Animals is a non-profit, international animal advocacy organization.