Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Take Action to Restore Washington Wolves

Timber wolf pups play-fighting in Minnesota. 

Washington State was once home to many more wolves like these.
Decades ago, wolves roamed across Washington. But that was before they were eliminated from the Evergreen State.
Now these magnificent animals have begun to return to Washington, and we need your help to ensure a lasting future for them.
Earlier this month, the state began to review a progressive wolf management plan that would allow these amazing animals to roam throughout much of their traditional range. But the plan falls short of what will ultimately be needed to fully recover wolves in Washington.

Tell Governor Christine Gregoire to support allowing more wolves in the state and to expand the range where they will be allowed to roam.

This is a key moment for wolf restoration in Washington. We know from reintroduction efforts in Greater Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies that wolves help balance natural ecosystems and that they can bring tourism dollars to states that support their recovery (as much as $35 million a year near Yellowstone, according to one study!)
But we also know that anti-wolf extremists can be a serious roadblock to recovery efforts. Some are pushing hard for a low cap on the number of wolves that would be allowed to inhabit Washington – a bad precedent for wolves or any other wildlife.
And just last week, indictments were handed down for the killing of five of Washington’s wolves. Defenders has offered money to help reward information leading to the prosecution of these lawless wolf killers, but we’re also working to build broader acceptance of wolves in Washington, collaborating with ranchers and local tribal members to pave the way for smart, sustainable wolf recovery.

We’re at the start of something great here, and you can be a part of it. Please send your message to Governor Gregoire today.

From Defenders of Wildlife--here