Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WA Residents! You can stop these 7 anti-wolf bills! TY @robinchriss

Center for Biological Diversity

Dear Center Supporter,

Gray wolf
Recovering endangered species is an undertaking that can take years, or even decades, to accomplish. That's why it's so frustrating now that, just as Washington's wolves begin to make a historic comeback, seven bills have been introduced in the legislature with the aim of unraveling the state's wolf conservation plan.

If these bills pass, it will be a major setback for wolf recovery.

Among other things, the bills would scale back recovery goals, require risky translocations and strip wolves of protections regionally before they can get a solid foothold statewide. The bills are also a throwback to the bad old days -- they'll require killing wolves after livestock depredations and to keep elk and deer numbers up.

But here's another idea: Instead of interfering with the already working wolf conservation plan, the legislature should pass a budget that will fund measures to help wolves and people coexist.

Act now to urge your state legislators to oppose this irrational series of anti-wolf bills and focus instead on approaches that promote wolf recovery and emphasize conflict prevention.
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