Monday, January 21, 2013

Campaign aims to protect wolves in Michigan

by Gabrielle Mays
Posted: 01.20.2013

MARQUETTE -- Last month Governor Snyder signed into law Public Act 520.
The law gives the Department of Natural Resources the ability to decide whether or not there should be a wolf hunting season. That law is now being challenged by animal rights groups.
One of those groups, called "Keep Michigan Wolves Protected," was in Marquette Sunday collecting signatures for a petition against the new law.

During the meeting, organizers told those in attendance that there are less than 700 wolves in the Upper Peninsula. They also said wolves should remain protected in the state of Michigan. Grey wolves were put on the endangered species list in 1974.

"Their species is still recovering so there is no reason to start hunting and trapping them now. In fact, ranchers and dog owners are legally allowed to shoot wolves who are attacking their animals so there's no reason to go that extra step and start hunting and trapping them as well. It's simply a trophy hunting endeavor," said Director of Keep Michigan Wolves Protected, Jill Fritz.

The group wants to collect 225,000 signatures for the 2014 November ballot.