Friday, May 20, 2011

ODFW Officials Kill Second Wolf In Wallowa County

Oregon wildlife officials have killed two wolves in the last two days. Rob Manning reports that the idea is to keep wolves from killing eastern Oregon livestock.
The state protects wolves as a threatened species. But Oregon Fish and Wildlife officials say wolves have repeatedly killed livestock in eastern Oregon – including a calf, on Monday.
Spokeswoman Michelle Dennehy says wildlife officials have tried non-lethal measures against the wolves.
Dennehy says officials don’t know if the wolves they’ve killed were the ones attacking livestock.
Michelle Dennehy: “However the way we’ve set up these operations is we were doing the trapping on private land with livestock operations, so we could target the wolves that are showing an interest in livestock.”
Dennehy says officials aren’t planning to kill more than the two wolves they’ve already killed.
Biologists have also issued a number of what they call “caught-in-the-act” permits. Those allow ranchers to kill wolves, if they catch them biting or killing livestock.